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February 4th, 2014              

    After missing several weeks worth of action, some of which was beyond his control and some of which was completely in his control, Tyler finally returned to action during today's game at Lapeer East. It figures that this would be the game where he sees a bunch of playing time, possibly the most he has gotten all season. It also figures that I would miss this game due to work and other commitments. Thankfully Tara was able to make it and take pictures for me.

    I don't have a lot of information about the game except that it wasn't much of a battle for the Bronchos boys. They jumped out to an early lead and never really looked back. I do know that there were three technical fouls called on them for reaching over the line on Lapeer's inbounds plays, which is something I have never seen before. Because the lead was so large, Tyler got the call to get off the bench early in the second half and he remained in the game until the end of the game. He wound up scoring two points on a put-back layup after an offensive rebound. Here's looking for some more playing time as the season winds down!

Game 13 - at Lapeer East High School

Tyler waiting for the play to begin on the offensive end of the court.

Tyler moving through the lane with the basketball.

Tyler playing tight defense as a teammate comes to help.

Tyler with his hands up on defense.

Tyler moving back into position on defense.

Tyler hustling back down the court on offense.

Tyler open and looking for a pass that didn't make it his way.

Tyler dropping back to help on defense.

Tyler and a teammate doubling team a player from the opposition.

Tyler open on the wing once again.

Tyler set up to run a play on offense.

Tyler guarding his man on defense.

Tyler on defense once again.

Tyler jumping in the air while playing defense.

Tyler moving up to help out on offense.

Tyler playing defense once again.

Tyler getting ready to head back down the court after a successful trip on offense.

The final score of today's game was 51-30, another Bronchos victory!


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