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February 18th, 2014              

    Sometimes miracles happen. Case in point - Tyler's coaches actually played the entire team during the first half of today's game, which may have been the only time all season (at least since the first game or two) that this has happened. He also put in everybody in the second half as well for nearly 4 full minutes, although this probably could have and should have been longer. With the team ahead by 20 points the bench players finally got a chance to step onto the court. Tyler managed three shots - a three point attempt, a short jumper, and a driving layup that he made. He had a couple of turnovers too, but I think some of that is over-anxiousness from finally getting to step foot on the court during a game. In the end the boys hung tough, closing out a 51-38 victory over Lapeer West.

Game 16 - vs. Lapeer West High School

Tyler and his teammates lining up on defense after checking into the game.

Tyler dribbling the ball outside the three point line.

Tyler and his teammates gathering at halftime.

Tyler making a move in the post...

and firing up a shot over the defense.

Tyler hustling back on offense, looking for a fast break pass.

Tyler driving by his defender...

...and slipping past...

...for a layup and his only two points of the game.

Tyler playing pressure defense.

Tyler dribbling the ball back up the court.

Tyler trying to get an arm up on an opposing player's three point shot.

The final score was a 51-38 victory for the Bronchos!

Tyler was all smiles after getting some quality playing time in the game, despite knowing that he didn't play his best.


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