Game 15

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October 7th, 2014              

    After coming off of their first victory of the season in yesterday's game, Tyler and his Holly Bronchos teammates were looking to make it two in a row today versus the team from Goodrich. What looked to be two closely matched teams gave the boys hope, but alas it wasn't meant to be. Once again the Bronchos struggled to get quality scoring chances, while making a few critical mistakes that resulted in a 3-0 loss in their second to last game of the season.

Game 15 - at Goodrich High School

Tyler jogging across the field while entering the game.

Tyler and an opposing player reaching for the ball.

Tyler dribbling the ball down the field.

Tyler trying to get off a long shot on goal.

Tyler gaining control of the ball.

Tyler looking on as his teammate knocks down the ball and prepares to pass him the ball.

Tyler trying to turn the ball around with a defender in his way.

Tyler moving the ball down the field on offense.

Tyler knocking the ball down at midfield.

Tyler trying to beat the opposition to the ball.


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