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April 23rd, 2014              

    I was finally able to attend one of Tyler's track meets, this one a home meet at Holly High School. I have to admit that it was every bit as chaotic as Tara described it to be. His team won both meets today, beating both Clio and Swartz Creek high schools.

Track & Field Meet - vs. Clio High School and Swartz Creek High School

Tyler warming up before starting his first race of the day.

And they're off!

Tyler (second from the right) making the turn.

Tyler narrowing the gap on the competition.

Tyler finishing up the back straight.

Tyler entering the front straight.

Tyler nearing the finish line.

Almost done!

Tyler and his competition lined up after finishing the race.

Tyler taking the handoff during the relay race.

Tyler making the turn.

Tyler running alone.

Another shot of Tyler running.

Tyler rounding the final turn.

Tyler feeling the burn as he completes the front straight.

Tyler nearing the end of his turn.

Tyler reaching out with the baton while preparing for the handoff.

Tyler passing the baton to his teammate.

Tyler going to pick up his uniform after his race was complete.

Tyler returning to his teammates to watch the rest of the meet.


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