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April 30th, 2014              

    For the first time Tyler was allowed to compete in the high jump in today's track meet. Although he hadn't practiced it in quite some time (the high jump coach hasn't been at practice), he did decent in the event. He managed to clear 5' before his fellow freshman, but neither of them could clear 5'-2", the next height. Tyler came away from the high jump with a bit of a limp, and he wasn't sure he would be able to continue on, but he managed to make it back in time for one of the last events of the night, the 4x400m relay. By this time, darkness had set in, along with a torrential downpour that made running difficult. He and his team pushed through, however, and represented themselves quite well.

Track & Field Meet - vs. Fenton High School and Kearsley High School

Tyler starting his high jump attempt...

...and leaping in his attempt to clear the bar...

...before arching his back...

...and kicking up his legs...

...before landing on the mat with the bar underneath him.

Another attempt at clearing the bar at this height.

Tyler appears to have pretty decent form, but hasn't been able to practice much due to the absence of the coach for this event.

Once again he knocked down the bar at this height.

Later in the meet, Tyler had to run his 4x400 relay race in a torrential downpour.

A look at the rain in the lights.

Another look at the rain as it pours down on the track meet.

Tyler taking the handoff from his teammate.

Tyler heading out...

...and coming down the back stretch, being pelted by rain.

Tyler was doing good going into the turns.

By the final straightaway, Tyler was feeling the effects of the rain.

He kept going strong, however.

Tyler making the handoff to his teammate.

Tyler and his teammate completing the handoff.


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