Snowcoming Dance

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January 31st, 2015              

    Tyler attended the basketball game against his schools archrival a few weeks back, and while he was there he met a nice young lady named Hailey. After spending some time talking to each other, Tyler asked Hailey to attend his schools Snowcoming dance as his date for the evening. She accepted his offer, and when the big day came he picked her up at her house to take pictures before they headed out to dinner and the dance. Here are a few of the photos taken before they left for dinner...

HHS Snowcoming Dance

Tyler and Hailey checking out their flowers before making the exchange.

Hailey pinning Tyler's flower to his shirt.

Tyler slipping Hailey's corsage on her wrist.

Tyler and Hailey posing for a picture.

Another picture of Tyler and Hailey.

Tyler posing for a picture by himself.

Another shot of Tyler and Hailey.

A closer look at the happy couple before heading out to dinner and the dance.


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