Venice Homecoming Dance

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September 26th, 2015              

    Tyler attended his first Homecoming Dance at Venice High School with some of his new friends from school, along with Samantha and one of her friends. Though most of the kids dressed up for the occasion, Tyler kind of went the other way - wearing a Hawaiian style shirt, extremely colorful shoes, sunglasses, and a hat. Lots of kids thought it was pretty cool that he actually wore this, but he did take a dress shirt and tie just in case they wouldn't let him. They did, and he had a good time hanging out with his friends.

Venice High School Homecoming Dance

Tyler at home getting ready for the dance.

Tyler standing on the rocks at the Venice Jetty.

Samantha and Sydney in the back, and Garrett, Tyler, and Tanner in the front.

Another picture of Sam and Tyler with their friends.

Sam and Tyler together on the rocks at the Jetty.

Sydney, Mark, Garrett, Tanner, Tyler, and Samantha.

Another picture of Tyler, Sam, and their friends.

Tyler posing with a classmate who couldn't believe that Tyler actually wore the shirt (and shoes, glasses, and hat).

One last picture of Tyler and Samantha.


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