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    Samantha found herself being a regular fill-in at the end of the Junior level baseball season this year. When she joined the team the team had already completed more than half of their season with a 1-5 record. They also had a couple of games rained out that did not end up being rescheduled at any point throughout the season.

Holly Little League Junior Baseball - Holly 2



Location Time Result Score Record
  Jun 20 Game 7 - at Hartland 3 Hartland Creekside 6:30pm L 18-4 1-6
  Jun 22 Game 8 - vs. Fenton 2 Karl Richter Campus 6:30pm L 6-2 1-7
  Jun 27 Game 9 - vs. Fenton 3 Karl Richter Campus 6:30pm L 13-7 1-8
  Jun 29 Game 10 - at Fenton 1 AGS Middle School 6:00pm W 17-8 2-8
  Aug 01 Game 11 - vs. Hartland 3 Karl Richter Campus 10:00am L 15-11 2-9


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