HMS 8th Grade Exit Dance

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May 15th, 2015              

    Samantha was excited to finally be able to attend the 8th Grade Exit Dance at Holly Middle School on Friday, May 15th. Although she couldn't convince her friends to join her downtown for pictures, we decided to stop at Battle Alley anyway to take some shots anyway. After taking pictures downtown, we moved on to one of her friends subdivisions for some more photos before I dropped the girls off at the school for a couple hours of fun!

8th Grade Exit Dance - Holly Middle School

Samantha sitting on the steps to the Arcade Antiques shop on Battle Alley.

A close-up of Sam on the steps.

Sam standing in the middle of Battle Alley.

Sam posing for a picture in front of a doorway.

A close-up of Sam in the doorway.

Sam standing by a sign near Battle Alley.

Samantha (on the right) posing with her friends Maya and Mariah in a gazebo.

Maya, Mariah, and Sam.

The girls acting goofy.

Mariah, Maya, and Sam posing for a picture on a bridge.

Maya, Mariah, and Sam looking back over their shoulders.

Maya, Mariah, and Sam doing a celebratory jump!

Sam, Mariah, and Maya posing for another picture.

A close-up of the girls.

Sam, Maya, and Mariah checking out pictures on a phone.

Another look at Maya, Sam, and Mariah.

The three friends posing for a picture in a tree.

Sam, Maya, and Mariah looking backwards over a bench.

Sam, Maya, and Mariah seated on the bench.

Mariah, Maya, and Sam.


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