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May 7th, 2015              

    Last year Samantha joined a group of kids in the school dodgeball tournament that was good enough to earn second place. She was determined to keep that team together and win the whole darn thing this year. Unfortunately, she wasn't able to convince all of those kids to join her this year, and she wound up with a new team. This new team, as it turns out, wound up being pretty good. Good enough, in fact, to get them into the finals once again. This time, in a highly competitive battle, Sam's team fought hard and managed to take first place! Their prize? A large pepperoni pizza and a giant 1lb. chocolate bar! Congratulations boys and girls on a game well played!

Holly Middle School Dodgeball Tournament

Samantha and her teammates ready for action prior to the start of the games. From left to right, Jack, D'Ante, Calvin, Sam, Maya, and Garrett.

Another shot of Sam and her teammates.

Sam with a ball, narrowing down her possible targets...

...and then unleashing her terror upon them.

Sam ready to take aim once again.

Here is Sam throwing the ball at an opposing player...

...and following through in their second game of the day.

Samantha and her teammates lined up for their third contest.

Sam with the ball, checking her targets.

Sam throwing the ball at her opposition.

Sam up close, picking out her target...

...before taking her throw.

Sam and her teammates celebrating their third win of the day.

Sam throwing the ball during game number four.

Sam wound up taking a seat of the bench after being hit by the ball in this one.

The final game saw Sam and her teammates take to the court once more.

Sam with a ball as the game winds down.

Garrett, Calvin, Samantha, D'Ante, and Jack with their prizes...

...and joined by Maya, who was trying to get ready for a softball game.

Another picture of the Dodgeball Tournament Champions!


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