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May 3rd, 2015             

    Once again I was unable to attend Samantha's Impact soccer game today. Aside from feeling as though the opposing players were attempting to kick her in her sore knee which caused her to miss two games, I don't have much to report. I do know that the girls played tough, pulling out a 1-0 win against the team from Grand Rapids.

Michigan Impact Spring Outdoor Game 5 - at Grand Rapids Crew Juniors GRCJ 01 Premier Silver

Samantha playing the ball through the middle of the field.

Sam passing the ball back to an off screen teammate.

Sam going to the ball...

...while fighting off an opposing player for possession.

Sam watching a pass sail down the line.

Sam reaching out for the ball...

...and slipping it behind the defender.

Sam getting her left foot on the ball.

Sam watching her kick sail towards the net.

Sam said the thought the other team was targeting her knee. Here she is laying on the ground.

Sam moving the ball back with her foot...

...and then passing ahead to a teammate.


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