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May 29th, 2015             

    Today marked the end of Samantha's time with the Michigan Impact soccer club. This was bittersweet for her, as she finally found a team that she really liked after spending the past few years on an afterthought team at her old club. Thankfully the entire team was determined to go out as winners in their final full season of soccer together (most of the girls move to high school in the fall, meaning a split year between their school and travel teams). The Impact girls jumped on top early and never looked back, setting a season high for goals in a single game with 5, all while playing stellar defense and getting some quality goalkeeping that resulted in zero goals against.

Michigan Impact Spring Outdoor Game 9 - vs. Canton Celtic 01 White

Samantha getting her foot on the ball as she plays it to a teammate.

Sam lining up a pass...

...and sending it ahead to a streaking teammate across the field.

Sa dribbling the ball down the field.

Sam watching as the ball she kicked heads towards midfield.

Sam got her head on the ball...

...and sent it just over the crossbar.

Sam standing still while the ball is played on the opposite side of the field.

Sam leaping high in the air trying to head the ball.

Samantha lining up a pass...

...before bringing her foot back...

...and booting the ball ahead.

Sammie getting read to boot the ball...

...sending it on goal with a defender in her face.

Sam gaining control of the ball in front of a defender.


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