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February 6th, 2015              

    While I was busy struggling with attending both Samantha's soccer game and Drew's hockey game at the same time, things were far worse at hockey than they were at soccer. After dropping Sam off for the start of her game and racing to pick up Drew from his game and then racing back to Sam's game, Drew and I managed to arrive in time to catch the final 45 minutes of action (meaning we missed about 10 minutes). The score was 0-0 at our arrival, and the action seemed to be fairly even between the two teams. In fact, I would say that what I saw during my time there the Impact girls controlled the ball more and had better scoring chances overall. They jumped out to an early lead thanks to a strong shot by one of Sam's teammates, only to give up a goal of their own a short while later. With around 10 minutes left in the game the Impact girls struck again, grabbing a 2-1 lead. Thankfully they were able to hold on long enough to make this lead stick, securing the victory in their second game of this indoor session.

Michigan Impact Winter II Indoor Game 2 - vs. RSC 01 Blue 2

Samantha knocking the ball down near midfield.

Sam dribbling the ball up the field.

Sam chasing the ball down in her defensive end...

...and knocking it away from an opposing player.

Sam watching the ball and getting into position for the play.

Sam fighting for the ball against an opposing player.

Sam dribbling the ball around a girl from the opposing team.

Sam moving into position during a stoppage in play.

Samantha and her teammates forming a wall to distract a free kick by a member of the other team...

...and watching it fly past as the jump into the air.

Sam getting ready to take a pass from a teammate.

Sam settling the ball down by using her body.

Sam intercepting a pass and stopping the ball.

Although the scoreboard read 1-1, I checked with the associate ref to confirm that the score was indeed 2-1 in favor of the Impact girls.


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