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February 13th, 2015              

    I couldn't make tonight's Michigan Impact game due to Drew's hockey tournament. As such, I don't have much information to share about the game other than the fact that Samantha once again spent the night in goal due to the regular goalkeeper not showing up. She did give up a goal fairly early in the contest, but she said that even the ref told her that nobody would have stopped that goal. Thankfully her teammates came through and netted a couple of goals to give the team a 2-1 victory, their second of the season.

Michigan Impact Winter II Indoor Game 2 - at LA Stars

Samantha watching as the ball rolls out of bounds to the side of the net.

Sam stretching out...

...flat on the ground to make a save.

Sam looking for an open teammate... drop kick the ball to.

Sam keeping her eye on the ball after batting it into the air.

Sam moving side to side to stay in proper position.

Sam watching the ball bounce around out front... her teammate gets her knee of the ball.

Sam heading out into a crowd to snag the ball.

Sam moving into position... make an easy save.

Samantha getting her foot on the ball...

...and watching it fly down the field towards her teammates.

Sam scooping up an easy save...

...and surveying the field...

...before lining up a drop kick...

...and letting it go...

...before making contact with the ball...

...and sending it down the field.

The final score of today's game shows the 2-1 win for the Impact team.


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