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March 20th, 2015              

    Samantha and her Michigan Impact teammates took on the second place Alliance (Orange) team in tonight's contest. Despite giving it their best effort, a couple of defensive breakdowns left the goalkeeper in 1 on 1 situations that she didn't excel at, leading to some easy goals for the Alliance team. The Impact girls didn't give up, and they scored a couple of hard-earned goals themselves, but they couldn't ever find the back of the net with the equalizer. The girls have one chance remaining to move their record above the .500 mark for the season.

Michigan Impact Winter II Indoor Game 8 - vs. Alliance 01 Orange

Samantha challenging an Alliance player for the ball.

Sam watching her pass roll down the field to her teammate running ahead of her.

Sam gaining control of the ball as an opposing player pressures her from behind.

Sam pulling away from the opposition.

Sam leaping into the air to head the ball...

...and keeping an eye on it as it heads into the air.

Sam jumping for another header.

Sam battling for the ball...

...and eventually gaining control of the ball.

Sam and this Alliance player had a stalemate as they both attempted to kick the ball...

...and Sam nearly got leveled in the process.

Sam passing the ball ahead to a teammate.

Samantha knocking the ball down with her foot to gain control.

Sam beating an opposing player to the ball.

Sam using her thigh to control the ball at midfield.

Sam going after the ball... a crowd of three opposing players.

The final score of today's game resulted in a 3-2 defeat for the Impact girls.


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