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December 28th, 2015              

    After suffering a tough loss in the opening game of the tournament, the Venice Falcons girls returned to the field to take on the FC Dallas team from Texas. Thankfully the Falcons came out with a fresh outlook for tonight's contest. They were able to possess the ball much more in this contest, and used that possession to dominate on the scoreboard, scoring three goals to take a 3-0 lead into halftime. The girls kept attacking in the second half while keeping the FC Dallas team out of the net once again. The Venice girls scored one themselves, earning a 4-0 victory.

Orange Classic Invitational Girls Soccer Tournament Game 2 - at FC Dallas Youth 98G Red (Texas)

Samantha turning around as play changes direction.

Sam settling the ball down with her feet.

Sam intercepting a pass and turning the play around.

Sam and an opposing player going after the ball.

Sam making a pass as an opposing player challenges.

Sam battling for the ball.

Sam watching as the action takes place on the opposite side of the field.

Sam jumping up to deflect a pass.

A close-up of Samantha during a break in the action.

Sam fighting for the ball along the sideline.

Sam with control of the ball in the middle of the field.

Sam and two of her teammates lining up for a penalty kick by the FC Dallas team.

Sam knocking the ball down with her shoulder.

Sam running the ball down on a break along the sideline...

...and turning to drive the ball through the box.

Sam getting her head on the ball.

Sam and her teammates moving towards the ball.


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