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September 19th, 2015             

    Today's game took place in nearby North Port. I should've guessed that the game would have some interesting twists to it just by the walk to our seats. The fields were very "squishy", and by the look of our girls after the first 3 minutes of action you could tell this game was going to require the use of plastic bags and a clothing change. Samantha took the field by the middle of the first quarter, when the Falcons were up 1-0. Both North Port and our girls were relentless on the field, so much so that one of our girls was called for a yellow card due to the force of her body as she went after the ball. Sam played amazingly well and managed to use her fancy foot skills to outwit the opposition. Going into the second half, the team quickly scored another goal, making the lead 2-0. By the end of the third quarter you could tell the weight of the mud and the heaviness of the ball began to take it's toll on the girls. North Port managed to squeeze out a goal making the score 2-1. The Falcons hung tough though, walking away with some seriously dirty uniforms, bodies, and a great 2-1 victory!

Venice Falcons Fall Outdoor Game 7 - at North Port Fusion FC

Samantha turning to look back towards the ball.

Sam's reaction after completing a header.

Sam and the other players walking during a break in the action.

Sam sending a kick towards the middle of the field.

Sam running down the field towards the ball.

Sam in a race to the ball.

Sam waiting for play to resume.


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