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October 4th, 2015             

    Today we played the West Coast Flames and were on the road. The weather started out great and the competition appeared to be similar to the last time we took the field. Samantha started out strong and the Venice Falcons held off the opposition for most of the first half. They were even able to score their first goal and take the 1-0 lead. Unfortunately, just after the Falcons scored, Sam found herself injured and carried off the field; she had twisted her ankle as she challenged an opposing player. Entering the second half, that great weather I mentioned moved out as the rain began to pour and soak the field. As the Falcons did their best to maintain their lead, the Flames managed to swoop in and score the tying goal. That is the way this game ended, in a 1-1 tie; leaving the Falcons in third place and the Flames in first.

Venice Falcons Fall Outdoor Game 9 - at West Florida Flames

Samantha challenging an opposing player as they run past the ball.

Sam lining up a kick while being challenged by the opposition...

...but still managing to make the pass to a teammate.

Sam running down the field as the play happens down the field.


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