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December 10th, 2015              

    Braden River came to Venice's home field ready for the kill, seeking revenge for their earlier loss to the Indians. The refs weren't helping either team, as this game turned into a brutal attack on the Venice girls, many of which ended up coming off the field with injuries. The refs didn't care for the vocal parents from both teams, either. Within  the first 7 minutes of action, Samantha, while charging towards the ball, managed to get her first yellow card - EVER! You could tell from across the field that she was not at all happy about this call! After falling behind by a score of 0-2, the Venice girls needed to let go of their anger and work on redeeming themselves. The ref's continued their yellow card spree while girls continued coming on and off the field with injuries throughout the entire second half. You could see Sam's demeanor had changed on the field; she continued to pull away for fear of getting called for a red card (which would result in missed games). This game was out of control and the ref's couldn't seem to gain control of the girls. Late in the second half, the Venice girls managed to squeak in a goal from the corner to bring the score to 2-1, but they couldn't manage to find the back of the net once more to bring the score to a tie.

Venice Indians Varsity Soccer Game 17 - vs. Braden River High School

Samantha moving towards the ball near midfield.

Sam playing the ball through the center circle.

Sam getting ready to complete a pass to a teammate.


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