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December 17th, 2015              

    I don't have a lot to post about tonight's game for two reasons. First, my usual commentator, Tara, wasn't able to go tonight, so Grandma Terry filled in instead. Second, the game was ugly from the get go. There wasn't a lot of positives to take from the 6-0 beating the Venice girls suffered tonight. Let's just say Samantha was not a happy camper when this one was over... (On the bright side, there are lots of pictures from tonight's game!)

Venice Indians Varsity Soccer Game 19 - at Estero High School

Samantha and her teammates along the sideline before the start of the game.

Sam going after the ball as it bounces high in the middle of the field.

Sam battling for the ball against an opposing player.

Sam moving in to challenge for the ball as an opposing player drives down the field.

Sam getting ready to start play after the Indians gave up a goal.

Sam fighting for position on the field.

Sam watching as the opposing player moves away from her.

Sam challenging a pass by an opposing player.

Sam wasn't really happy with the play during tonight's game.

Sam going up for a header.

Samantha driving down the field with the ball.

Sam chasing towards the action.

Sam did her best to pressure the opposing goalkeeper on the shot attempt.

Sam looking to get into position for a pass from a teammate.

Sam was still unhappy with the way the game is going.

Sam challenging an opposing player.

Sam running down the field looking for a pass.

Sam trying to make a move around a couple players.

Sam lining up a pass to a teammate.

Tonight's score resulted in a 6-0 loss for the Venice girls.


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