Preseason Game 1

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October 20th, 2015              

    For being the first game action that the girls have played together, the girls came out of the gate with a great start. Samantha didn't start this game, but it was anticipated that she would have to earn her playing time. With a mere 6 minutes elapsed in the game, I was shocked - she ran onto the field to play midfield, and she played a tough, aggressive game. Although her coach told her that she would get some time playing goal tonight, it worked out (in her favor) that he was able to bring up another goalie, allowing her to remain on the field for the majority of the game. In the end the girls wound up taking a 2-1 loss in their first action.

Venice Indians Varsity Soccer Preseason Game 1 - vs. Riverview High School

Samantha dribbling the ball across the midfield stripe.

Sam going for a ball that is bouncing through the air.

Sam gaining control of the ball...

...and turning it around...

...and kicking it ahead to her teammates.

Sam trying to get in front of an opposing player.

Sam walking to her position during a break in the action.

Samantha battling for the ball...

...and getting in front of the Riverview player and winning the ball.


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