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October 22nd, 2015              

    I anticipated that Samantha wouldn't find as much playing time tonight as she got during the last game. To my surprise she started and played an amazing game. She primarily played attacking mid and managed to help keep possession of the ball on her team's offensive end of the field. Before the half, the Venice Indians managed to score to walk away with a 1-0 lead. Sam worked hard and earned an assist on the second goal for Venice, bringing her team a 2-0 lead. At the last moment, Sarasota scored a goal to close the scoring at 2-1, giving Venice their first victory this preseason.

Venice Indians Varsity Soccer Preseason Game 2 - vs. Sarasota High School

Samantha dribbling the ball through the middle of the defense.

Sam dribbling the ball down the sideline.

Sam taking the ball away from a Sarasota player...

...and turning the play around in the other direction.

Sam gaining control of the ball.

Sam making a move around a defender.

Sam with possession of the ball in front of a Sarasota player.

Sam in front of the net trying to get her head on the ball.

Samantha running toward that action across the field.


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