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May 7th, 2015              

    After playing 6 games this spring, and the team only winning the one game that Drew had missed, I was really starting to wonder if he was the curse on the team. Tonight the Storm stepped on the ice in a rematch with the Suburban Stars, who had beaten them soundly (8-1) only four days earlier. Tonight the Storm team was determined not to let that happen again, and they played some inspired hockey throughout. Drew did his part by taking some powerful shots and making some timely passes, all while skating hard on both ends of the rink. While he didn't score tonight, Drew did provide an assist on his teammates hat-trick goal in the third period! Though they fell behind early, they didn't get discouraged, and before we knew it the Storm had (ahem) stormed out to the lead by scoring five unanswered goals. This scoring outburst secured their second victory of the spring with a 5-1 win. Way to go Storm!

'05 Lapeer Storm Spring Hockey Game 7 - vs. 05 Suburban Stars

Drew and his teammates heading onto the ice at the start of warm-ups.

Drew and his teammates listening to their coaches before the opening faceoff.

Drew battling the crowd of players for possession of the puck.

Drew keeping his eye on the puck as he crosses the blue line.

Drew looking down the ice as he nears the action...

...and another shot, just because I like it!

Drew having his stick poked at by an opposing player.

Drew lined up at left wing for a faceoff.

Another faceoff, this time at the opposite end of the rink.

Drew circling around with the puck while looking to enter the offensive zone.

Drew skating down the ice.

Drew flying down the ice once more.

Drew looking for a pass as the defense leaves him behind them.

Drew firing off a hard shot on goal (that wound up being saved).

Drew skating down the ice as an opposing player tries to slow him down with a stick across his legs.

Drew moving in to slow down the play along the boards.

Drew skating with the puck along the blue line once again...

...before being challenged by two defenders.

The final score shows the 5-1 victory for the home Storm team!

Drew and his teammates celebrating a win!

Drew and his teammates going through the traditional post-game handshake line.


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