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May 30th, 2015              

    Drew's Lapeer Storm team celebrated the end of the spring hockey season with a bowling party on Saturday, May 30th, at B's Bowling Center. The team gathered for an evening of bowling, pizza & pop, and cupcakes before saying goodbye to Drew one last time.

'05 Storm Spring Year-End Celebration

Jayden taking her turn bowling...

...and letting the ball go down the lane...

...before watching it knock down some of the pins.

Jay was all smiles after making a good shot.

Drew taking his turn...

...tossing the ball down the lane...

...and expressing frustration after making a poor shot.

Drew taking another turn...

...on the lanes.

Samantha struggled...

...when I asked her to bowl right handed.

She wasn't too happy with that shot.

Sam, despite being a natural righty, does much better...

...when she bowls left handed.

The hockey team gathered together to hear some encouraging words from their head Coach, John.

Coach John handing Drew his hat trick patch that he earned in his final game with the team.

Drew posing with his hat trick patch.

Drew posing for a picture with his teammate Anthony (as Jayden gives him the bunny ears in the background).

Another picture of Drew and Anthony.

Drew posing for a picture with an autographed collage put together by Tina, one of the "hockey moms" on the team.

Drew with an autographed team photo provided by the team. We are sure going to miss this fabulous group of people!


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