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January 24th, 2015              

    Drew's hockey team hasn't played a game since the 4th of January, and they looked a little out of sync today. They played decent in the first period, after which they trailed by a 1-0 score. The opening of the second period went totally against them, and they fell behind by four goals quickly. That seemed to deflate the team, and they appeared to spend more time watching the other team handle the puck than they did challenging for it. It wasn't until midway through the third period that Drew really seemed to take off, going after the puck when an opponent had it, and taking good, hard shots on goal. He had a semi-breakaway attempt that wound up going wide and hitting the boards, another shot that the goalie was able to save, and a wrap-around attempt that was oh-so-close. Finally, with about two minutes left, Drew managed to slip a shot past the goalie for his first goal of the season! Although it wasn't anywhere near enough to get his team a victory, it was a sweet moment! Back to the game... that ended in a 9-1 defeat for the Storm team.

'05 Storm Playoff Game 1 - at 05 Ann Arbor Wolves

Drew and his teammates on the ice during warm ups.

Drew heading towards the puck after the opening faceoff.

Drew covering his man and watching the action down the ice.

Drew looking for a pass from a teammate.

Drew skating in a firing away at the net...

...and charging towards the net...

...and doing his best to dive over the goalie...

...before landing on him and the ice.

Drew in position during a faceoff.

Drew and a teammate chasing after the puck.

Drew taking a long shot on goal.

Drew racing to the puck once again.

Drew lined up for another faceoff.

The final score of today's game resulted in a 9-1 loss for the Storm team.


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