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January 27th, 2015              

    The way these playoff games are set up it really appears as though Drew and his '05 Storm teammates have a great chance to secure their first victory of the year. This game did not get off to a great start, as the Suburban Stars managed to open up the scoring in the first period. Thankfully the Storm team "stormed" back to tie the game at a goal apiece minutes later. That score carried over all the way into the third period, despite some good scoring chances for each team. Things took a turn for the worse at the beginning of the third period, as the Stars scored two quick goals that almost took the wind out of the Storm team's sails. The first goal came when a defender fell down, leaving the attacking Star player in a one on one situation with the goalie, and he managed to take advantage of it and find the back of the net. The second goal of the period came on a play where our goalie thought that he had the puck covered, only to have the puck actually be sitting out in front of his glove. The referees saw it, and so did the Stars players who wound up knocking it into the net to provide a two goal cushion. The Storm players didn't give up, though, and they fought hard to get back in the game. They had some good chances, and managed to find the back of the net to make it a 3-2 game with time left to tie it up. Unfortunately they weren't able to complete the comeback, losing a close battle in heartbreaking fashion.

'05 Storm Playoff Game 2 - vs. 05 Suburban Stars

Drew on the ice during pregame warmups.

Drew and his Storm teammates getting pumped up before the opening faceoff.

Drew on the ice waiting for the puck drop.

Drew moving in towards the puck while the other team has possession.

Drew started the game on offense but also spent some time on defense guarding the net.

Drew clearing the puck from the front of the net.

Drew battling for a loose puck against two Stars players.

Drew going after the puck along the boards.

Drew watching the action and looking for a pass.

Drew trying to stay onsides as his teammate carries the puck into the zone.

Drew looking for a pass.

Drew guarding the net area during a faceoff in the defensive zone.

Drew going hard after the puck along the boards.

The final score of today's game was a 3-2 loss for the Storm team.

Drew and his Storm teammates going through the customary post-game handshake line.


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