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January 24th, 2015              

    Drew's basketball team played their second game of the season against the Hungry Howie's Pizza team. Our hopes were high after a big victory in week one, and they were bouyed by an early 4-0 start in a low scoring battle this morning. Drew and another teammate sat out at that point, and the tide quickly turned. Before you knew it the "Bulldogs" were behind by a 6-4 score, and they never really recovered from that point. Drew had a strong game, winning the opening jump, playing good defense, rebounding well, and scoring 6 points. Unfortunately it wasn't nearly enough, as his team fell by a 19-12 score, evening their record at 1 win and 1 loss.

Nichols Heating and Cooling Game 1 - at Hungry Howie's Pizza #4

Drew going into the air to win the opening jump ball.

Drew lining up a shot...

...and firing away...

...and following through with his shot.

Drew eyeing the basket...

...and shooting over the smaller player guarding him.

Drew dribbling the ball around, looking for a teammate to pass to.

Drew lining up another shot...

...and taking the shot...

...and following through...

...then watching his shot...

...get nothing but net!

Drew and a teammate waiting to return to the game.

Drew dribbling the ball down the court.

Drew taking another shot...

...and watching it sail towards the basket.

Drew bringing the ball up the court.

Drew lined up as an opponent takes a free throw shot.

Drew jumping in the air to distract the inbounder.

Drew taking another shot.

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