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February 7th, 2015              

    Drew's basketball team played their fourth game of the season today, squaring off against their game 1 opponent. The game started off slowly for Drew and his team. Drew was visibly tired after playing in a hockey game last night, and his teammates couldn't find the bottom of the basket for most of the first half. Drew seemed to gain energy as the game wore on, and he and his teammates closed the halftime deficit to 4 points. The second half was dominated by the Nichols team, as they outscored the STPR team 16-2. Drew easily had his best game of the season, bringing the ball up the court on multiple occasions (the primary ball handler was in foul trouble), grabbing a bunch of rebounds, and scoring a career high 12 points. This is the kind of game I know he can have!

Nichols Heating and Cooling Game 4 - vs. STPR #1

Drew reaching up to get his hand on an opponents shot attempt.

Drew dribbling the ball up the court.

Drew fighting the ball up in a crowd...

...and getting a shot off despite no foul call.

Drew getting pounded once again...

...but still managing to get the shot up.

Drew fighting for a loose ball.

Drew bringing the ball up the court once again.

Drew had two free throw attempts...

...and he made the both!

Drew dribbling up the court on a fast break attempt.

Drew shooting the ball over a couple of opposing players.

Drew grabbing a rebound...

...and then dribbling the ball out.

The final score was a 24-14 win, giving the Nichols team their second win of the season.


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