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February 21st, 2015              

    Today's basketball game between Drew's team and the opposing Hungry Howie's team was a tough defensive battle between two extremely closely matched squads. The game was close throughout, as players on each team struggled to get the ball through the net. Things were looking tough for the Nichols team, as they trailed by two late in the game. Drew managed to sink the game-tying basket for his only two points of the contest. When the buzzer sounded, the game was tied at 13 points apiece. A two-minute overtime ensued, but neither team was able to score (despite some shots that were extremely close to ending it). A second two-minute overtime followed, again with no baskets being scored. Finally, a third two-minute overtime took place, with this one being sudden death - the first team to score would win. It looked as though a fourth overtime might take place, but Drew's team failed to get back on defense with a half minute remaining, and the Hungry Howie's team was able to take advantage of this mistake to score the game winning basket. One player from each team fouled out, and it was unfortunately the best player for each. This left Drew with the primary ball handling roll, and although he did OK in this spot, it isn't the strongest part of the game. Still, they had chances to put the game away, but they just weren't able to come up with the final necessary basket.

Nichols Heating and Cooling Game 5 - vs. Hungry Howie's Pizza #4

Drew coming out to play some pressure defense early in the game.

Drew and the players from the opposing team doing their best to gain an advantage by getting their hands in front of the other.

Drew guarding the inbounds pass.

Drew dribbling the ball up the court.

Drew chasing down a loose ball and dribbling the ball down the court.

Drew battling with the ball in a sea of players.

Drew throwing an inbounds pass over the top of an opposing player.

Drew reaching for a pass beneath the basket...

...and grabbing the ball securely...

...before taking the shot...

...the headed towards the backboard -

HIGH off the backboard -

before going in for the game tying basket!

After regulation, the score was tied at 13 points apiece.

Drew won the opening tip in overtime, even though the players were lined up on the wrong side of the center circle.

Drew dribbling the ball after grabbing a rebound.

Overtime ended with the score still tied at 13-13.

Drew went up in the air for the second overtime tip off...

...and knocked the ball to his teammates.

Another overtime, another 13-13 tie score.

Once again Drew leapt into the air for the opening tip...

...and once again he managed to win it and get the ball to a teammate.

Unfortunately, the game ended in defeat for Drew and his teammates, as they lost the game by a score of 15-13 in sudden death triple overtime.


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