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March 7th, 2015              

    In what seems to be a negative trend for Drew and his basketball teammates, they once again have struggled to find the basket early in games. Their defense remained stout throughout the entire game, but their lack of offense meant that the halftime score of today's game was a 4-2 deficit for the Nichols Heating and Cooling team. Drew seemed just a bit out of sorts today, and he had to leave the game at 3 different times due to injuries (all due to falls to the floor). He did manage one basket, and he snagged a few rebounds, but he could have (and should have) had more. The offense for both teams picked up in the second half, but not to a great extent. When the final buzzer sounded, the green team fell by a score of 12-9, ending their dreams of a Broncho Basketball league championship.

Nichols Heating and Cooling Game 5 - at Mark Carney Insurance #3

Drew leaping into the air for the opening tip.

Drew with his hands in the air while playing defense.

Drew dribbling the ball down the court in the first half of action.

Drew making a move down the right side of the court.

Drew reaching up in an attempt to block a shot.

Drew dribbling up the court after grabbing a rebound.

Drew taking a shot...

...and watching it fall through the basket.

Drew open under the basket, looking for a pass.

Drew taking a shot.

Drew taking the inbounds pass from a teammate.

Drew dribbling the ball towards halfcourt.

The final score of today's game was a 12-9 defeat for Drew and his teammates.


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