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June 17th, 2015              

    Drew and his Dodgers teammates moved on to the Conference Series by beating the Cardinals on Monday, only to be matched up against the #2 seed Mets in today's contest. These two teams had some close games during the regular season, with the Dodgers securing a win in their first matchup with a big 5 run final inning. The second matchup went to the Mets by a score of 7-4, but only after the Dodgers loaded up the bases in the final inning before going down swinging. Tonight's contest started out in a steady rain, and it seemed to affect the Dodgers more than the Mets. They fell behind 4-0 early, and despite their efforts they were unable to claw their way back into the game. A late outburst pushed the Mets lead to 8-2, which is where it remained until the game had concluded. Drew spent the game rotating between 1st base and sitting on the bench, as his arm got sore as the game wore on. He made some nice plays at first, catching some tough throws to get the runner out. He went 0-1 at the plate, however, striking out in addition to taking a walk later on. Tough way to end the year for the Dodgers boys, but a good season overall. I am very proud of all that they did accomplish, and I am most proud of Drew, who took on the challenging position of first base and played quite well, while having a season that was near all-star worthy. Great job this year Drew!

HLL Minor Baseball Playoffs Conference Series - Dodgers vs. Mets

Drew reaching out for a throw at first base as the runner nears the bag.

Drew in position at first base to field a hit.

Drew waiting for the throw from the second baseman...

...and watching it soar towards his glove...

...and securing the catch for the out.

Drew reaching out for another play at first.

Drew watching as the runner rounds first as the ball rolls to the outfield.

Drew waiting for the throw to first once again.

Drew looking at a pitch that sailed low.

Drew swinging at a pitch that he liked.

Drew waiting for another good pitch.

Drew back at first base as the runner begins a steal attempt in front of him.

Drew watching as the throw comes in from the shortstop...

...and reaching down to snag the low throw just before the runner's foot hits the bag..

...and hanging on to the ball to complete the out.

Drew looking at another pitch that sailed wide for a ball as he drew a walk in this at-bat.


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