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June 15th, 2015              

    Drew returned to baseball action for the first time in 10 days tonight, as the Dodgers kicked off their playoffs against the Cardinals. While he was a little rusty with the bat, he had no issues in the field. He wore a protective sleeve on his left elbow to protect the stitches he received a little over a week ago, and he held up the entire game. While batting he struck out twice (though, in fairness to him, the umpire for tonight's game was chosen from the crowd due to an umpire shortage, resulting in an uneven strike zone), despite fouling off a few balls. He did better in the field, catching a high fly ball and catching the ball at first as several runners were thrown out. The Dodgers batted well overall, scoring 4 runs in the first, 5 in the second (5 per inning is the max allowed), and 5 in the fourth inning. The only inning they didn't cross the plate was the third. Their 14 runs was enough to more than counter the 2 that the Cardinals could muster, and it was enough to force a four run mercy to secure a victory that moves them into Conference Series round.

HLL Minor Baseball Playoffs Divisional Series - Dodgers vs. Cardinals

Drew fouling off a ball in his first at-bat.

Drew swinging and missing as he struck out in his first at bat since June 5th.

Drew watching as a pop fly comes his way...

...before securely closing his glove over the ball...

...and throwing it back to the pitcher.

Drew fouling off a ball before striking out once again in his second at-bat.


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