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May 4th, 2015              

    Drew's team took the field for their second game of the season today. After a scoreless first inning the wheels appeared to be falling off a bit for the Dodgers as they found themselves down 5 after 3. Thankfully their bats started to heat up a bit after that, as they finally managed to plate a few runners. Drew did his part by driving in two with a single in the fourth inning. They were still losing going in to the bottom of the fifth, though. They managed to use the home field advantage to start a rally that resulted in a stirring come from behind 10-9 victory, moving them to 2-0 on the season.

HLL Minor League Baseball Dodgers Game 2 - vs. Mets

Drew started the game out playing first base today.

Drew swinging at a good pitch...

...and watching it head towards the field on his follow through.

Drew swinging at another pitch...

...and following through with his bat...

...before dropping it to run to first base.

Drew talking to the third base coach after making his way around.

Drew running to first base to cover.


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