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June 2nd, 2015              

    We were hoping for a different result in a weekday rematch of two teams that had just played each other last Saturday. Jayden and her teammates lost that game by a 4-1 score, so they were looking to get revenge tonight. Unfortunately two early goals allowed set the tone for the game. While Jay's team managed to hold them scoreless until halftime, they were never able to get the equalizer they needed, while also allowing two additional second half goals. Jay had quite a few excellent shots on goal - hard shots too - but they were either just high, just wide, or right at the goalie. The final score tonight was a 4-0 loss, their second of the year - both of which came in their last two games to this same team.

AYSO U8 #4 Game 7 - vs. U8 Girls #1

Jayden playing in goal, watching as the ball rolls towards her.

Jay taking a drop kick...

...and watching it soar high in the air...

...high, high in the air.

Jay stopping another players attempt for the ball.

Jay dribbling the ball down the far sideline.

Jay using her foot to stop the ball.

Jay lining up a big kick between two defenders...

...and sending it towards the goal...

...where it bounced off the goalkeeper.

Jay with the ball between two defenders...

...before sending a pass to the middle (where nobody was, unfortunately).

Jay and the goalkeeper using the feet to make the ball hover in the air. OK, OK. Jayden took a big shot on goal and the goalie stuck her foot out in defense...

...and knocked the ball away.

Jay taking yet another shot on goal...

...and trying to follow up with the rebound before the goalkeeper grabbed the ball.


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