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June 6th, 2015              

    Jayden and her team were intent on ending their season with a bang, as they had been struggling over their last two games. Although they fell behind early, they fought hard and managed to grab a 2-1 lead just after halftime. Unfortunately their offense stagnated as their defense struggled, and wound up losing the game by a 4-2 score. The girls ended the season with 3 wins, two ties, and three losses. This was a pretty marked improvement from their 1-2-5 record from the fall last year!

AYSO U8 #4 Game 8 - vs. U8 Girls #2

Jayden watching as the ball heads towards her teammate.

Jay racing down the sideline in an attempt to keep an opposing player from getting the ball.

Jay booting the ball down the field.

Jay racing down the sideline once again.

Jay dribbling the ball down the field.

Jay keeping an eye on the action in front of her while playing defense.

Jay lining up a kick...

...and sending the ball down the field.

Jay booting the ball once again...

...and watching it while she follows through with her foot.

Jayden lost her balance while trying to defend this ball...

...but was able to get back up and keep after it.

Jay also spent a quarter of today's game in goal.

Jay lining up a drop kick...

...and booting the ball in the air...

...and watching it soar down the field.

Jay taking another drop kick...

...and watching it head down the field once more.

Jay moving over to try to make a save.


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