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May 14th, 2015              

    Jayden's class took their field trip to Indian Springs Metropark during the day on May 14th, 2015. The kids were broken into groups, and Jay's group started out on a nature hike. We made it through several different environments, including prairies and wetlands. We got to see some wildlife, including geese, killdeer, turkey, and cranes. From there we went to do some "dipping" with nets in the lake. The kids really struggled to see anything worthwhile here, as the only thing Jay and her partner managed to scoop up was a snail. After that we headed inside to the classroom to learn about different animals and see some live animals. Once that was over, it was time to head home for the day. The kids all seemed to enjoy themselves while they also learning - all without even realizing it!

Indian Springs Metropark Field Trip

Jayden and her classmates sitting down and listening to their guide before beginning the nature hike.

Some adult and baby geese that we spotted before going on our nature hike.

The education building at Indian Springs Metropark.

The prairie that the kids hiked through.

Another picture of the prairie (one that should have probably not been included, but I'm not changing it now!).

The sand hill crane that the kids saw walking up a hill.

The killdeer making noise in the grass to protect it's nest as we pass by.

The class making their way down the nature trail.

Jayden and two of her classmates following closely behind the tour guide.

A look out at the lake that the kids went "dipping" in.

Another view of the lake.

Jay watching as her partner Jessica pulls their net from the water.

Jay scooping the net down into the water.

Jay and Jessica looking to see if they had anything good inside of their net.

A view across one of the many lakes in the park.

Jay and a few of her classmates getting ready for lunch.

Jay sitting down and listening to their classroom instructor.

Jay during a classroom activity.

Jay watching as the instructor shows off one of their many animals.

Jay touching a snake.

Jay feeling an animal hide in the classroom.

Jay smiling for a picture before leaving.


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