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May 4th, 2015              

    Jayden's Mega Coney Island baseball team took to the field for their first game of the season tonight, facing off against the team from Wilkinson Auto Repair. One unusual aspect about Jay's team is that all of her teammates are girls! As far as I know this is the only all girls baseball team in Holly Little League! With that being said, my expectations for this team started out on the low side. Unfortunately tonight's game only reinforces that notion, as they struggled in all aspects of the game. Jay played SS, 2nd base, and left-center (they use 4 outfielders at this age group) in the field tonight. She batted three times, striking out twice and belting a single before eventually coming around to score one of her teams 2 runs. While her team struggled, the opposition seemed to be firing on all cylinders as they had a 14 run scoring outburst, leading to a 14-2 victory over the Mega girls team.

HLL Rookie League Baseball Mega Coney Island Game 1 - vs. Wilkinson Auto Repair

Jayden in the field playing second base.

Jay was ready to crack the bat while at the plate tonight.

Jay trying to outrace an opposing runner to second base...

...where she successfully beat him there for the out.

Jay wasn't able to outrun the base runner while playing second base.

Jay at second base once again.

Jay throwing the ball to the pitcher from the shortstop position.

Jay smiling before taking her at-bat.

Jay getting ready to swing for the fences...

...while knocking the ball out into the field...

...and then racing to first base... get the congratulatory high five from the base coach.

Jay waiting to run while standing at second base.

Jay racing to third base...

...and coming in safely...

...for another high five.

Jay racing home...

...where she managed to score one of her teams two runs on the day.

Jay playing the outfield.

Jay at the plate one again, looking for another hit.


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