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June 15th, 2015              

    As her sister and brother begin their playoffs tonight, Jayden's team continues their regular season. While her team struggled overall tonight, Jayden played well. She managed to get an out while in the field, and she went two for two at the plate. Her first hit was a single, but she was left on base in the first inning. She came up to bat once again in the third, and pounded the ball once more. While her hit should have resulted in a double, she was forced to settle for a single as the runner in front of her stopped at second base instead of moving on to third. This hit drove in her team's only two runs of the game, as they fell by a score of 7-2. One more game to go. Let's get ready girls!

HLL Rookie League Baseball Mega Coney Island Game 11 - at Winglemire Furniture

Jayden in her ready position in the field.

Jay was primed to bat tonight, hitting a single in her first at-bat.

Jay ready to field a ball while playing first base.

Jay at the plate once again - this time she hit a single that could have been a double (the runner in front of her stopped at second base) that also drove in her teams only two runs.


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