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June 1st, 2015              

    For a while it appeared as though neither the girls from the Mega Coney Island team or their competition across the field, the Irish Brothers, wanted to score today. To call it a pitcher's duel wouldn't be quite right - they use a pitching machine, after all, plus there were hits here and there. In fact, each team had a bases-loaded situation early on. Neither team was able to get that crucial RBI hit, however. Jayden struggled today, striking out in both of her plate appearances. She also didn't see much in the way of action in the field today. The Mega team managed to grab a 1-0 lead, and for a while it seemed like that might be enough to secure the victory. Unfortunately the Irish Brothers team had the last at-bat of the game, and they used to their advantage, scoring the tying run. The Mega girls were able to stop the bleeding at 1, resulting in their second tie of the season with a 1-1 score.

HLL Rookie League Baseball Mega Coney Island Game 8 - at Irish Brothers

Jayden was ready to pound the ball tonight!

Jay swung at some good pitches, but...

...couldn't keep them in fair territory.

Jay ready for another crack of the bat...

...the resulted in a concentrated swing on her part...

...that looked like it was finally going to be the one today...

...but just wasn't quite it.

Jay with the follow through.

Jay spent an inning playing behind the plate tonight...

...and did a good job stopping the ball and throwing... back to the pitcher.

Jay watching her throw to the mound.

Jay doing her best to break the hitless streak...

...while swinging hard at the ball.


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