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January 24th, 2015              

    Neither Tara or I were able to make it to today's game for Jayden, so I don't have a lot of commentary to add. Thankfully I had Samantha take pictures for me, so I will let you enjoy those!

Holly Red AYSO Game 3 - at Arrows U8 Girls

Jayden wore bright green socks today, so that makes it easier to spot her! Here she is kicking the ball down the field.

Jay waiting to kick off after an opponents score.

Jay kicking the ball away from the sideline (the goal is used for the larger field - Jay plays sideways on that field).

Jay playing the ball against the wall...

...and sending it flying down the field.

Jay racing down the field.

Jay chasing after the ball once again.

Jay walking away from the side net once again.

Jay getting ready to kick the ball down the field.

Jay playing the ball near the corner.

Jayden watching the ball roll beside the net while playing goal.

Jay looking for a teammate to throw the ball to while in net.

Jay lining up a throw from the goal.

Jay making a save.

Jayden kicking the ball away from the wall.

Jay racing after the ball down the sideline.

Jay and a teammate battling for the ball.

Jay lining up a big kick.

Jay sending the ball flying towards the camera!


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