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November 15th, 2015              

    On Saturday, November 15th, Dwayne, Erica, Donovan and Marissa came up from Naples while Grandma Terry came down from Sarasota to join Tyler, Drew, Jayden and I for a visit to the 2015 Chalk Festival at the Venice Airport. Samantha had a friend at the house, and she had to volunteer at the festival (the entire Venice High School soccer team did), so Tara brought Sam up later to meet us for a bit. There was a lot of amazing artwork here... these people are certainly talented! The theme of this year's even was "Eat, Drink, and be Merry", so most of the drawings related to those three topics...

2015 Chalk Festival

This artist was busy working on this amazing wedding picture.

This chalk drawing was made to be viewed in the circular reflection in the center.

Rodney and Grandma Terry found themselves in the mouth of the giant shark artwork!

A closer look at Rod and Grandma Terry.

Rod alone in the mouth of the shark.

A Chalk Festival drawing.

Marissa and Jayden found themselves covered by the bowl of spaghetti that this cat knocked over!

Another picture of Marissa and Jay.

A modern day last supper type meal.

Jayden as the Chalk Festival Angel.

Marissa taking her turn as the Chalk Festival Angel.

A gummy bear drawing.
Lots to eat and drink here!

Marissa and Grandma Terry fighting to stay on this waiter's serving tray.

Another shot of Marissa and Grandma Terry.

A bowl of Venice alphabet soup!
A chalk drawing seen through a special lens.
The "Feat of the Gods."
A cool drawing of a rancher and her cattle.
Two kids in a paper boat.
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