Christmas Morning

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December 25th, 2015              

    Despite the plea of Tara & I, the kids were up way earlier than we had hoped. In fact, Drew woke Tyler up at 4:30am! They ended up back in bed, but they were back in to wake us up at 7:00am. We sent them off once more, but it wasn't much longer before they were back in again. This time we rolled out of bed and headed out to the tree to see what surprises Santa had left us...

Christmas Morning Presents!

Drew and Jayden barely awake but still excited for Christmas morning!

Tyler and Samantha ready to open presents!

Crush just wanted something to chew on...

...while Jasper was content to hang out with Tara.

Sam, Drew, and Jay with their giant candy cane that was in their stockings.

Tyler checking out his candy cane.

Tyler was excited to get a gigantic Snickers bar - because he's not himself when he's hungry!

Jay checking out her 1lb Reese's Cups.

Drew showing off his giant gummy bear!

Sam was excited to get her own Reese's Cups, but she had to keep them away from Crush!

Sam opening up the first gift of the day...

...and finding a Lululemon bag inside...

...which contained some Lululemon pants.

Jay got the honor of opening the next present...

...and while battling through the wrapping paper...

...she was excited to find an Our Generation doll tent inside.

Drew got to open the big gift that was for he and Tyler - a new PS4!

Tyler got the next present - a new controller for the boy's PS4.

Jay was up again, this time...

...unwrapping an Our Generation doll kitchen (with lots of accessories).

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