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December 25th, 2015              

    After Christmas at my Grandma Beulah's house for dinner and the white elephant gift exchange (which I forgot to take pictures of, of course...) we headed off to Dad & Mom's to share our Christmas joy with them as well as Dwayne, Erica, Donovan, and Marissa. Enjoy the pictures!

Christmas with Grandpa Gary & Grandma Terry

Jayden got the honors of opening up the first gift...

...and she loved the Olaf ornament that she got.

Jay was also happy to see a new scrubby.

Jay had to take the next items out of the bag... check out each one individually. Here she is opening a necklace and earrings with the letter "J" on them.

That was followed up by a set of decorative fake nails...

...and a cool new shirt... go with a her new skirt.

Up last was a cool new pair of boots to wear with her new clothes.

Drew was next up, and he got a cool hot-rod sleigh ornament.

Drew also got a new Red Wings hat to wear.

Drew's next present was some Axe body spray...

...and some new socks.

Marissa's turn was next...

...and she opened up a new bedding set to go with her new bedroom!

Marissa also got a cool Frozen Christmas ornament.

Donovan was next, and he got...

...a new sweatshirt...

...and another new sweatshirt.

Samantha's turn was next. She opened up the same Frozen ornament as Marissa... well as some new makeup.

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