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February 14th, 2015              

    On our way home from Drew's hockey tournament we stopped at the Hockeytown Cafe in Detroit for dinner. After finishing our meal, we headed back to our vehicle in the parking garage. Before leaving, I grabbed my camera to take some pictures of the beautiful view. I didn't get very many, as the temperatures were near zero degrees at the time (with wind-chill approaching -20) and my fingertips were beginning to hurt. In the meantime, enjoy the photos I did manage to take!

Detroit at Night

A look out towards the Motor City Casino (the colorful building towards the left of the photo) with I-75 in the foreground.

This beautiful church is located on Woodward Avenue, directly across from the Hockeytown Cafe.

The white building in this photo is Ford Field, home of the Detroit Lions. The building with the colorful purple lights is Comerica Park, home of the Detroit Tigers. On the right is the famous Fox Theatre.

The BC-BS building was lit up appropriately for Valentines Day.

Another look at Ford Field and Comerica Park, with Hockeytown Cafe in the foreground.

A closer look at Hockeytown Cafe.

Another view of the stadiums and Hockeytown Cafe.


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