Drew's 10th Birthday Party

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March 14th, 2015              

    Drew waited patiently for his birthday party with his friends this year. After a busy period from mid January until now, we weren't able to make it work for everyone involved. We finally had a free weekend available, and Drew chose three friends from school and two friend from his hockey team. We took the boys to the Airtime Trampoline & Game Park in Troy for an hour of bouncing and energy burning. From school he invited longtime friends Miles, Nick, and Tevin. From hockey he invited Anthony and Noah. Of course Tyler, Samantha, and Jayden wanted to jump as well, and Tara also paid for me (though I don't think I got my money's worth today - it was way more crowded than the last time we came). Once we were done jumping, we headed to Pizza Hut for dinner.

Drew's 10th Birthday Party - Airtime Trampoline & Game Park

Miles soaring high for a dunk on the Jam Session portion of the building.

Nick taking a turn slamming the ball through the rim at Jam Session.

Tevin with his head above the rim at Jam Session.

Drew throwing down a two-handed slam at Jam Session.

Tyler going way up at Jam Session.

Jayden soaring through the air on her way into The Mosh Pits.

Samantha taking flight while launching into The Mosh Pits.

Sam doing her best to climb out of The Mosh Pits.

Tyler going head over heels...

...into The Mosh Pits.

Drew climbing out of The Mosh Pits.

Noah making the twisting leap into The Mosh Pit.

Sam flipping over into The Mosh Pit...

...and landing on her back.

Tyler soaring high in the air as he flips into The Mosh Pit.

Jay jumping head over heels...

... before crash landing in The Mosh Pit once again.

Rodney bouncing on the trampoline before...

...doing his own flip into The Mosh Pit...

...and then climbing out (it is incredibly difficult to move around with all those foam squares impeding your progress!).

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