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April 5th, 2015              

    The kids were eggs-cited to wake up this morning to find their Easter baskets stuffed full of candy and other assorted goodies. They had spent the previous night dying eggs and setting out their baskets (they skipped Samantha's, since she is down in Florida for Spring Break with a friend). This morning they feasted on chocolate, jelly beans, and Sour Patch Kids. The Easter bunny was nice enough to leave Sam some goodies too, even though her basket was missing. Later in the day, once everyone started coming down from their sugar high, the kids headed outside to search for eggs hidden in the yard. All in all it was a good day, one that the kids enjoyed very much!


A quick picture of the Easter baskets before the kids dug in to them.

Jayden, Tyler, and Drew checking out their baskets.

Tyler checking out his candy assortment.

Jay showing off a giant egg full of candy.

Drew holding up his egg of candy as well as his chocolate cross.

Drew showing off the movie that he got in his basket.

Tara, Tyler, Drew, and Jay waiting for the cinnamon rolls to finish baking.

Jayden and Tyler racing to find the Easter eggs hidden outside while Crush explores the deck.

Drew jumping off the deck in search of eggs.

Tyler was pleased with his haul so far.

Jayden looking for eggs near the barn.

Jay and Drew in a mad-dash to gather up the last few eggs.

Jasper patiently waited on the deck for someone to reward him with a treat.


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