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June 5th, 2015              

    On the evening of June 5th Drew and Jayden's school hosted their annual end of the year celebration. In addition to this being the last year for them in this school, it also marked the end of the career of their principal, as he officially retired at the end of the school year. All four kids went, though Tyler only went so that we could get some pictures of him in front of the tree that was planted in honor of his kindergarten class (after that he took off skateboarding around town). Samantha, Drew, and Jay all spent time at the celebration playing games, going to the petting zoo, and watching the magic show. There are some pictures of each of the kids below... I hope that you enjoy them!

Patterson End of Year Celebration

Tyler standing in front of his kindergarten class tree.

A closer look at Tyler in front of his tree.

Drew trying his hand at a putting game... knocking the ball into the animals mouth.

Drew found this game harder...

...than he thought it would be. Can't slap shot a golf ball!

Drew doing his best at the knock-down game... throwing the ball at the cans...

...and trying to knock them all off of the stand.

Jayden (dyed hair and all) doing her best at the ring toss game... trying to get all three rings on the posts...

...and eventually being successful.

Samantha watched Jay try and thought that it would be easy...

...but it turned out to be tougher than she thought it would be...

...but she kept at it, despite being bested by her little sister.

Drew moved on to a ball toss game in which you were supposed to throw a ball in three buckets in a row.

There was an alpaca/llama at the petting zoo...

...and the kids had fun feeding it.

There was some ducks at the zoo, but they seemed to spend all of their time running away from the kids!

Drew laughing as the alpaca/llama eats out of his hand.

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