First Snowfall

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November 21st, 2015              

    As the calendar turned to November, those of us in Michigan tend to expect the weather to get cold and the snow to fly. This year has been a bit different in that we have had plenty of warm weather and no real snow to speak of. Until today, that is. Although the temperature wasn't unbearable at just below freezing, it was the snow that caught everyone off guard. The weather people were predicting 2-6", and we surpassed that amount early in the day. By the time the snow had tapered off to a barely visible amount, we had surpassed double the predicted maximum! Welcome to Michigan!

First Snowfall of the Season

The snow was falling hard early in the morning...

...and didn't let up as the day wore on.

By early evening it had really begun to pile up.

A look at the snow on the fence and trees.

Still coming down!

We had 11 1/2" at this point, and it was still coming down for over an hour after this picture was taken!


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