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October 12th, 2015              

    Check out the pictures of the wonderful Halloween decorations that Tara and the kids worked hard to put on display this year!

Halloween Decorations

A look at some of the lights on display outside.

Some of the lights in the shrubs.

Looking at the witch crashed into the front door and the lights nearby.

A glowing skull!

Some purple lights on display.

Eyeballs peeking out from the landscape.


October 31st, 2015              

    Here are the pictures from our Trick-or-Treating adventures with Erica, Donovan, and Marissa in Naples. It was very crowded here, but on the bright side nobody had to wear winter coats! We did get some rain, but with it being so warm it was almost a relief!


Drew, Tyler, Donovan, Samantha, Jayden, and Marissa posing in their Halloween costumes before heading out to get their candy!

Another look at the kids in their costumes: Sumo-wrestler Drew, Soccer playing Tyler, Cowboy Donovan, Sam as The Incredible Hulk, zombie bride Jay, and an ostrich riding Marissa.

The kids heading up to one of their first houses. Nice driveway and garage!

Jay posing with her new buddy, Olaf!

Two zombie trick-or-treaters out walking the street.

Some cute little girls in their cake costumes and doctor costumes.

These are some sweet pants!

Check out this inflatable!

A giant inflatable spider whose back flowed like lava.

Just a random baseball game played by skeletons...

...with one of them making an outstanding catch near the scoreboard.

Here we some some auto repair taking place while another skeleton waits on his motorcycle.

A brightly decorated house.

Samantha posing with an inflatable Mickey Mouse.


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