Jayden's Girl Scout Banquet

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June 7th, 2015              

    Jayden's Girl Scout troop held their end of the year banquet at The River - Downtown on Sunday, June 7th. Although there were more girls at Jay's weekly meetings, only four made it to the banquet. The girls from two different troops received a variety of service awards, and celebrated their yearly accomplishments. Jay got a pin for completing her first year in scouts, and participated in a song and a friendship circle at the end of the ceremony. Once the action on stage was complete, the girls had a variety of snacks to choose from, of which Jay opted for her favorites. Congratulations on your first year of scouts, Jayden!

Girl Scouts Banquet

Jayden on stage waiting for the program to begin.

Jay her Brownie troop getting ready to sing a song.

Jay getting her pin attached to her dress.

Jay saying the Girl Scout oath.

Jay sitting on stage after getting her pin.

Jay joining her Brownies and a Girl Scout troop in a friendship circle.

Another look at the girls in their circle.


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